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"A timeless hat that you can wear for many years"

We aim to create standard products that will not fade even as trends and times change.

ReqHatter's products have high technology

Made in a long-established hat factory.

Commitment to products

lamb leather hunting

Made from thick, high-quality lamb leather fabric, it has a thickness that is neither too heavy nor too light.

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sailor hat

It features a long brim with fine stitching for added strength, giving it a stripped-down design that gives it a unique look.

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middle brim felt hat

Made from the highest quality Australian wool.

The crowns are made to fit a variety of head and face shapes, with shapes that are neither too high nor too low.

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With size adjustment function

Most of Rec Hatter's products use a slide that allows size adjustment.

If you think the hat might be a little too big when you wear it, you can shorten the tape on the back of the slide to get the perfect size.

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The reason why ReqHatter was founded.

2004 It all started with a trip to a second-hand clothing store.

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